Introducing the Mosaic at Deukmejian Wilderness Park Add Your Name to the Door to Glendale’s Greatest Wilderness

Introducing the Mosaic at Deukmejian Wilderness Park Add Your Name to the Door to Glendale’s Greatest Wilderness

As early as 1990, the Barn at Deukmejian Wilderness Park was proposed for a nature education center. Development has unfolded in four phases over 28 years and the final chapter will complete the transformation into a nature education center and community building. It will serve as a portal into the park and convey the rich history of the area.

The Stone Barn Nature Center in Deukmejian Wilderness Park

To celebrate the opening of the Stone Barn Nature Center, the Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation has commissioned Zoe Mosaics to create an original mosaic mural entitled “The Breath of a Deukmejian Day” which will reside in the adjacent amphitheater. The work depicts numerous flora and fauna that call Deukmejian Wilderness Park home. The artwork is anchored by a large manzanita tree and includes natives such as the wrentit bird which is iconic in this chaparral biome. Additionally kit fox, mountain lion, mule deer, anna’s hummingbird and brush rabbits appear, among others.

Design of the new stained glass mosaic mural coming to Deukmejian Wilderness Park

Zoe Mosaics artist Hannah Maximova has been a frequent visitor to the park for many years. “The biodiversity here is so exciting,” Maximova said. “The more I’ve learned, the more impressed I am by what an extraordinary resource we have in this untouched wilderness. It’s a gift that our city has invested in preserving and sharing the natural world of this wonderfully diverse region. The Nature Center and its mosaic will add a moving entrance to this precious area.” Contributions to the project will support the vast reach of Glendale Parks & Open Space’s programming which supports park projects, recreation programs, and trails and open space activities that enrich our entire community.

Detail from a mosaic mural by Zoe Mosaics: “Our River Jewels,” Franklin Elementary School, Glendale

Bordered on three sides by the Angeles National Forest, the park features secluded stream side woodlands and big-cone spruce woodland in the dazzling Dunsmore and Cook’s canyons. Trails also furnish breathtaking views of the Crescenta Valley and the Los Angeles basin.

A view from a trail in Deukmejian Park

A view from a trail in Deukmejian Wilderness Park

The park sees approximately 7000 visitors per month for hiking and Trails & Open Space programming, a number that will increase with the opening of the educational nature center. “We have worked with Gywnne Pugh Urban Studio consultants to develop engaging exhibits and curriculum that will give kids a strong understanding of the local ecosystem,” said Glendale Community Services & Parks Director Onnig Bulanikian. “We anticipate that the space will also be in high demand for events such as weddings and galas.”

Yerba Santa plant (left) & Matilija Poppy flower(right), Deukmejian Wilderness Park



Sponsor tile: Sponsors’ names will be permanently kiln-fired into glass and incorporated into the mural