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The Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation is proud to serve the community with our Trails and Open Space Programs.

Recently, the City of Glendale was put in the difficult position of having to make serious cuts in staff and programs for the 2011/12 fiscal year. Unfortunately, one of the cuts the Community Services & Parks Department had to endure was the elimination of its Park Naturalist program.

While most of the programs, classes, and events offered by the Park Naturalists have been cancelled, the Department’s Trails and Open Space Program continues to operate on a limited basis through activities based around community volunteers.

These efforts are being funded by the Parks & Open Space Foundation. Funds from the Foundation are going to sponsor the Third Saturday Wilderness Work Day program in Deukmejian Wilderness Park which offers the community an opportunity to work in the park, watering plants and weeding out invasive plant species. Funds also go to purchase equipment and supplies that support interpretive programs, trail maintenance activities, and the forthcoming volunteer trail safety program.